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Settlement support

Murray Valley Sanctuary Group (MVSRG) was formed in 2005 to assist refugees on humanitarian visas to settle in Albury/Wodonga. Our core purpose is to sponsor and settle refugees successfully in the Albury and Wodonga communities.  What this means practically is that we organize a team of volunteers to support the family from their arrival at the airport. This team continue working closely with the newly arrived family, for as long as needed, to support their needs and enhance their capacity to become self-sufficient and self-directed. Our goal is to facilitate community integration of refugee families in a manner which provides settlers with confidence and willingness to engage with the wider community, while preserving their own cultural identity.  Our goal is to also build community engagement and goodwill that provides settlers with a welcoming experience. This settlement support is one of the most rewarding aspects of involvement with MVSRG.  Join us!